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Why Women and Men Love Fit Bodies

Modern day culture is obsessed with fitness. We use men and women who are sexy and ripped to sell everything from computers and cars to beer and food. This attraction to those in society who are in tremendous physical condition is hardwired into our DNA. The instinct to join together with the strongest and fittest has been passed down to us from the early humans who had to struggle for survival. Humans learned that when they partnered with those among them that were the fittest, their odds of survival increased dramatically. Fit individuals could offer physical strength or stamina to overcome the harmful obstacles that might otherwise cause serious damage themselves or loved ones.

Fitness shows in obvious ways that a man or woman cares about their health. On a subconscious level it signals the high virility of men or sexual abilities of women. Scientifically speaking, there is some truth to this statement. The healthier and better shape you are in, the better your body will function, from the brain to the sexual organs. Being fit, as stated above, is hardwired into our DNA. Fitness levels can indeed have a dramatic effect on sexual performance, including increased vitality, more energy, stronger erections in men, and increased stamina and endurance. Having trouble motivating yourself? Try to visualize how getting into shape affects your sexual performance, self esteem, pleasure, and the pleasure of your partner. 

When it comes to a life partner, men and women who choose to workout not only age far better, and enjoy much better health, but also tend to lead more active interesting lives well into old age. Men and women realize instinctively, at a subconscious level that those among us who are fit have less of a chance of developing disease and dying off early. 

People are also attracted to those who are fit because their fitness level signals the existence of character traits and abilities that are prized by modern society. Things like determination, tenacity, dedication, goal setting, working hard, and achieving success are required to remain in top physical shape. When men and women put in the required time and energy to get into shape and remain in shape, this is usually a strong indicator of how they handle the rest of their lives. 

Getting into shape need not be a chore or a horrible negative experience. If you choose the right exercise regime you can achieve fast results and learn to enjoy your time doing it! This need not be a pipe dream. Choose an exercise regime that allows you to change exercises often, change locations often. Changing exercises and locations often helps to alleviate boredom, which is one of the main reasons people quit before they reach their goals. Learn to break the old habit of putting something as vital as your health in the hands of "experts." Pick a regiment that teaches you rather than just simply showing you some exercises you can do.  We have designed a complete fitness system that incorporates a full spectrum of ways combat each and every issue you may encounter. It will give you the fast and amazing results you desire. It will not only allow you to achieve the body you have always dreamed of but most importantly it will teach you the fundamental keys to ensure you will keep this body for life! The more you know, the better off you are.