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Fitness & Rehab Books that Change Lives

Lose weight, get out of pain and have a lean, sexy body using the most effective at home workouts and rehab books available!   We guarantee you will get the best results of your life by working out anywhere, anytime with Dynamics of Motion.

ABC News Buddy Workouts and 4 Minute Fat Blaster


The 4 Minute Fat Blaster
100 Amazing Workouts
In 4 minutes, burn 9 times MORE FAT than 1 HOUR of cardio!
Groundbreaking, revolutionary 4 minute workouts that will burn fat FAST!  Absolutely NO equipment needed, so you can workout anywhere, anytime!  3 Levels so ANYONE can do it!  Also, includes the incredible 2 week Fat Blaster Diet!

"I am so addicted to these workouts!... I have lost 5 pounds in the last 12 days.  The thing about these workouts that I love is that you are not starving later in the day...  It just tones your body and burns fat without totally depleting you."
- Jamie T., Montclair, NJ

Super Charged Fat Loss
The Complete Diet and Fitness Program for a Healthy Vegan!
The most complete diet and exercise book available.  Workouts that take 20 minutes a day and NO equipment!  Anyone can do the workouts at any level of fitness.  A whole section devoted to the healthiest, most delicious diet imaginable.  Making weight loss easy and simple with a diet and workouts that get results FAST!

"I lost 33 pounds in 3 months.  It was the easiest weight I have ever lost!  So simple and clear.  The workouts were fast and felt great.  The diet was delicious.  I am hooked!  I cannot thank you enough!" - Teresa W., Virginia Beach, VA

The Dynamics of Motion Fitness System

The world's most advanced fitness system will teach anyone (at ANY level) how to get a LIFETIME of the most incredible workouts for the BEST results of your life!  All the groundbreaking secrets: how to super charge fat loss, get a gorgeous toned physique, correct ugly postural problems, eliminate chronic pain, improve balance, coordination and much more... PLUS, workout anywhere with little to no equipment.

"Through Dynamics of Motion, you can achieve a healthier, stronger and better-looking body. Scott Malin and Cory Brusseau have intensively researched the best techniques in order to achieve top results. As a former Navy SEAL, I found each level challenged me, from the foundational techniques in Level I all the way to the extremely advanced exercises in Level III." - Geoff Reeves, Lieutenant, Navy SEAL

SMS Low Back Pain S.M.S. Low Back Program
Get out of Low Back Pain FAST
Learn how to heal your back naturally and safely!
S.M.S. is a powerful, easy to follow at home rehab program that will help you get out of low back pain FAST.   Developed through years of research and successful experience with thousands of people of all ages and walks of life.  Simple to understand and easy to follow.  No matter how immobile you are right now (even if you are stuck in bed)... Anyone can do it!

"S.M.S. is a life saver! I have had a bad back for over 7 years.  When I began doing the exercises, I could immediately feel a slight positive difference.  As time went on and I got stronger, my pain began to dissipate pretty dramatically."- Jesse D., Wheeler, IL

 HEM Ankle RehabH.E.M. Ankle Sprain Rehab
Get out of Ankle Pain in 3 - 7 Days!
The #1 selling Ankle Treatment for a sprained ankle!
H.E.M. is a powerful, easy to follow at home ankle rehab system that heals a sprained ankle FAST.  Plus, H.E.M. now includes a complete Prehab program to protect the ankles from injury and increase balance, agility and much more.

"My daughter was preparing for her swimming Nationals. We used H.E.M. after she sprained her ankle and she stopped using crutches after 2 days of treatment! After 7 days of treatment, she was back to her full training routine, going on to win 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medal in her nationals. We all were amazed and her US coach, a professional for 35 years, did endorse that he never seen such a fast recovery before."  - Ralph G., Singapore